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Partners Training Centre 

Partners Training Centre was established on June 1992. It was founded by Rev. James Lai Mook Sum and Pastor Lim San Yang. Our aim is to become church partner, helping churches nurturing the spiritual leader, provide long-term follow-up training materials, and work together with churches in mission field.

For the past fifteen years, we have applied various strategy and methods, emphasis on the diversified evangelism and follow-up ministries. This includes arranging the speakers, experts or para-church organization from local or overseas to hold the seminars, training in South East Asia. Cooperate with Singapore Bible College to open the extension class regularly. Organize the mission conference, evangelism meeting and worship training.

Beside that, we involve in promote the gospel in audio-visual forms. We have organize more than a thousand showing of gospel movie and true story film, it had reached out more than ten thousand audience, leading a thousand people come to the Christ. And we have distributed out more than ten thousand pieces of VCD.

From 1999, we had begun publishing ministry. Until now, we have published and distribute various books related biblical studies, family, gospel, mission and other topics. We got the authorized from Crossroad Publication to publish the Global Prayer Digest, printing 5000 copies each quarter.

Start from 2003, we develop the youth ministry. We establish Cornerstone, through the friendly environment and resource (books and audio-visual). Organize various activities for the young, reach out the interest contact, and publish a quarterly magazine for the youth.

We carry on to explore the possibilities of new ministries, these include publishing the news of mission, sharing the vision and mobilize more people in the mission field. We plan to publish book in China, to cater the needs of the churches. We also plan to publish a mission magazine to educate the junior and youth.

To keep up for the contemporary demand, we plan to publish the gospel VCD to distribute among the non-Christian.

Thanks God that when looking back at the past, it is full of grace. Though we are limited in co-worker and financial strength, we continually received the support and suggestion from churches, we believe that serving according to the purpose of the God, He will provide all our needs.




除此,協傳也極力推動影音事工,在東南亞一帶舉行了上萬場電影及真人見証布道會,估計至少有十萬人聽 到福音,帶領了上千人歸主,同時也發行了約十萬套福音電影。 




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